The perfect pack chapter 1

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The perfect pack chapter 1

By Crystaldragon


Pearl: sabertooth

Lightning: sabertooth

Cloud: sabertooth

Bit: glow tail

Lightning and Pearl were only two minutes into there walk when they saw a raptor. They couldn’t get passed without it noticing. Lightning and Pearl attacked hopping there was only one. It was more powerful than normal lightning was already hurt he had cuts along his side. They killed it but lightning was nearly dead.

Suddenly when they thought there luck couldn’t get any worse a big snake that the sabertooth didn’t see coming stacked lightning. He passed out very hurt Pearl new she had to attack. She killed it but was now very hurt. She didn’t know if she could protect him for much longer. Then the lizard walked up to her. He said “my names bit and I’m a glow tail. Looks like you need some help” pearl nodded her head and said

“Yes but how can you help, your just a little lizard?”

Bit then said “I can lite the way, all that I ask is you try your best to not die and leave me alone in the depths of this cave”

Pearl said “ I’ll try my best but we have too protect lightning until he wakes up first” so they waited and watched hoping lightning would wake up soon.


I’m just wondering, who’s it your favorite character? Anyone who reads this pls answer I like to hear your feed back and I don’t get much so pls answer! :)

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