-Watch ads for Amber and buy the 15x soothing balm

-Tame a griffin under level 10 for a shorter and easier process

-Get around 15 allosaurus kibble, (some of these are extra just to be safe)

-For the griffin to respect you, you should be a fairly high level, (potent dust and pursuits give you an XP boost)

-Bring plenty of toxicant arrows, and if the griffin flies away, chase it (like the argentavis, this means it’s almost knocked out)

-Use bio toxin from Jellyfish and narcotics to keep your griffin out

-Using the kibble, balm, and narcotics on the griffin (lvl 10 or lower) It shouldn’t take very long until the griffin is yours! :D

-More than 1 person can ride a griffin, and you can shoot from atop it

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