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I'll tell you the story of ARK:

There were 2 alone people in A island with dinosaurs they met a scientist and his name was doctor Rockwell he killed and raided people he got element he ate it and became a scary Rockwell and he gave both of them a little obelisk part and pushed them to the island once there were there they saw a dodo they tooked that dodo to the mountains there was a giga there he bite the dodo and the dodo became a doodorex he bited helena Walker and she became a overseer the last person was Pete he knew that rock well will kill his sister and then he defeated overseer then came to Rockwell and then defeated him Pete said any last words he said that my brother KING titan will destroy him he thought about going into the world he tamed his servants he defeated king titan and he had a M.O.M.I and then he created meks and created a megameck and destroyed the ark and his sister helena came back for him and when rockwell was defeated he became a human again.


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