Once there was n red head man (me) who thought, if drakes…

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Once there was n red head man (me) who thought, if drakes can go invisible, glide, climb everything, and make you look dahm cool... I must get one.

But little dit this red haired man know how to do it. Task was simple, get red gems (for gas) get picks, tame 2+ ravagers, man up, and be on your way.

But no, not this man, he spent 3 hours looking in the bum of a role rat for gems, got the ravagers and got the gas, easy right. He leveled the ravagers up and off he goes, slaughtering all drakes in path, but when he got to the eggs, he didn't die, his ravagers didn't die, he didn't get glitched, he forgot the climbing picks...

After that day, he never left his base without 2 sets of climbing picks


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