you can not reroll stats with the same reaper they will pop the same every time

you can not find colored reapers until one pops, the color of the reaper will repeat from the same reaper but you will not know it pops colors til one pops, queen will look normal.

you can transfer with babies in you

shotgun spinos or reapers on drakes back for extra 75lvls

blackbox self with cooked meat for baby to harvest you when popping in a closed room(this way it cant run anymore and will feed itself almost to full grown on x4 if not full)

to get pregnant build the oldskool larger trap its more efficient on gaining reaper aggro and animations run smoother) and preferably build outside of rads, rads will instakill your baby if you get even a glimpse of rad sickness

use magnifying glass to check reaper hp.

all the tips you really need

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