Claw the raptor part 13

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Claw the raptor part 13

"Can't help but wonder when's the last time im gonna see your face no matter how long your gone in always gonna want you back want you back. You know that I know that your gone but all I think about is where I went wrong yeah I still dream of you." I sang quietly. we had gotten past the spino and allo just like claw said now we were at camp sitting by the fire it was night and it was cold. "You sound so depressed Caelum mabey I should call you Tristis." Claw said jokingly "Yeah mabey you should." I said coldly not at all jokingly like claw had. But he was right I was very depressed wasnt it enough what happend here 7 years ago? Why did claw have to do this to me? Didnt he know I much I cared for him? We had been best friends for so long seven years to he exact. Yeah I tamed him a bit before it happend he knew what happend and he was still gonna do this. 'Well I have other Raptors and other pets' I thought trying to think happy but epicly failing. I suck at being happy and cheerful my name really shouldv been tristis. What were my parents thinking when they named me? Whatever I have more problems than dumb names. "Claw don't go. Stay with me we'll go home and you will see all your friends again we will go on adventures go in the caves again and kill bosses dont end it like this please do it for me and green and all your other friends." I pleaded with him "No I made my decision." He said sternly. Argh he was learning from when I say things sternly and stare them down now he was using it on me. "Fine go to your death and ill go home without you and forget you." I said I didnt mean it but I was mad and sad. "If thats what you want to do go do it but I'm doing this whether you like it or not." The next morning we went hunting we were getting low on meat for claw and I wanted more berries or eggs or anything for me. I made some hide armor with the hide we got then we explored. We went by the redwood and checked out the swamp better "Woah this swamp is way bigger than the one at home one there a bit of water one there and one right there it looks like three swamps!" Claw said amazed "Yeah its huge." It didn't take long to just look at those things because we didn't want to go in because claw had others plans of how to die and I didnt want to go there alone I had been in swamps before its not fun. The redwood my brother had warned me about he said never to go in and so I never went in that my brother had died years ago so I wanted to keep what he had warned me of and he would know what I should and shouldn't do he knew everything he was awesome. So soon we were back at camp bored. "We should leave soon before somthing bad happens like the spino coming to camp its not that far from that water you know and most of the animals are up here so it will probably get here soon. This place used to be a great beautiful peaceful place to get away from whatever now its going to be destroyed by spinos allos theris sarcos frogs snakes the swamp and the redwood. Who knows that swamp might even have a alpha carno like ours. So let's go home in the morning before this is destroyed and home is destroyed too after all a spino is back at home and a alpha raptor and there's two carnos along with a alpha let's get back before EVERYTHING I ever knew is broken." "Ok let's go home in the morning." Claw agreed we went out exploring the area again until late evening then we went home sat by the camp fire for awhile then went to bed. We woke early in the morning and left right away not bothering to bring the camp fire or the bed because they weren't needed just extra weight it took awhile to get home but we finally did when we got there I was glad to see nothing different and no dead pets. After getting settled in I took claws saddle and everything but what he needed and put it in a chest I grabbed my grave stone and placed it in the green grass not far from the house and wrote on it. It was a little early for this because claw hadn't left or died yet but he would soon so I might as well do it before it actually happens. When he died we would have a funeral. "Bye claw. We'll miss you." I said to claw along with all his friends before he left.

-Raptor girl

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