Claw the Raptor part 11

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Claw the Raptor part 11

"Fine have it your way go home find metal rocks hunt then when you feel ready come back with everything I said before and tame it now are you happy?" "No we still have to get put of here alive." "You are so needy." So I got my map our pointed claw in the right direction and we ran stopped when we saw the spino thought for a minute and ran past the spino past the Alpha Raptor past the Raptors amd carnos pats the theri and we were on our way home again when we were away from those things we killed animals getting our hide when we got home we put all the hide in the smithy and went to find the metal rocks and as we did we got more hide of course. When we almost couldn't move we set out to go home. it took awhile but we made it we only had my pickaxe metal and hide in our inventories put the metal in the refining forge put the hide in the smithy and went to bed when I woke I put the metal ingots in the smithy.

-Raptor girl

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