Claw the raptor part 12

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Claw the raptor part 12

We kept looking finally it said we were in a dangerous area again so we looked through the brush and I saw a dark colored big creature "Claw look it might be it." but we could only see it back side so we moved closer and closer but before we were close enough to see what it was attacking or ti attack it its big body went flying through the air like it was doing a big back flip "woah. It was a rex I think." I said to claw we went to where either had been attacking somthing but we couldn't find any animal and it didn't say we were in a dangerous area "Well what killed such a beast?" I said annoyed so we looked for its body we saw the general area it had gone and it was a big thing but we couldn't find its body either. "Mabey we imagined it? I mean we can't find the body and we can't find anything that couldv killed it just a moschops and a dilo." Claw said "its reasonable but I dont believe it." We went back home disappointed and just went to sleep.

-Raptor girl

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