Claw the Raptor part 2

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Claw the Raptor part 2

by time we got home it was dark. I went to bed feeling happy, but it didn't last. When I woke there was a bad smell like there was dead bodys everywhere I grabbed my sword and looked at the beach part of my "yard" suspiciously I didnt see anything so I went to the backyard where all my animals usually were there I saw it. Ckaw was fighting a alpha raptor and in a circle around them was the dead body of a spino and all my animals. I ran at the alpha raptor but I didnt need to claw killed it before I got there "so" I thought "a spino and alpha raptor attacked early this morning while I was sleeping and they killed the spino and almost the alpha raptor but died before the alpha raptor died and claw finished it off." I looked at claw he was staring at the bodys of my animals he looked very sad "we will have a funeral soon let me go make the grave stones." I said to claw he looked at me and nodded "ill stay here for a bit." he said.

-Raptor Girl. No more room

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