Claw the Raptor part 10

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Claw the Raptor part 10

"What if I need a narcotic but I dont have it and it wakes up? What if we don't have enough meat? What if I take all your meat for this then you don't have anything to eat? These are real problems." "We can get more meat. If it gets too close to waking up we kill it before it wakes up. You don't need a saddle for it because you can ride me amd sometime you will learn a rex saddle and make it and the rex can help protect us if we get attacked by somthing it will be better to have a rex than not." "But still I only have a bat. I couldn't even make the carno run when I used the bat on it." "OK fine we will run through all the bad stuff go home get your sling shot lost of stones get narcotics get lost of meat come back find a high rock amd tame it happy?" "No. When do I learn the rex saddle? how do I make it? Is it made at smithy? Will I need metal ingots? If so shouldn't we get lost of hide and metal ingots before taming this so we will be ready?"

-Raptor girl

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