The Arks: Over Heaven

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The Arks: Over Heaven

Chapter 12: Beacon of Hope

Part 2/2

Suddenly a beam of green light hit them, and Neddy let out a gasp, jumping away from the light.

“What the-” Ruby stammered. Neddy looked up to the sky to see something hurling to the ground.

“Ruby watch out!” Neddy shouted. He jumped forward and pushed her out of the way. Just in the nick of time, something landed into the soft grass of the forest.


“Ahhh!” Ruby cried, “What just happened?!”

Neddy turned back to see a weird structure that was glowing green laying in the grass. It was a 3D implant-shaped structure that was humming with power. The strange beam of green light still lingered around.

“A lot of crazy stuff has happened in the past few hours,” Neddy said, “But THIS definitely tops everything.”

Neddy reached his hand forward to touch it, but Ruby got up and grabbed his arm.

“Wait! What if it’s dangerous? What if it gives you cancer or something?!” Ruby said.

“It’s not gonna give me cancer!” Neddy yelled. Neddy shut his eyes and began to think…

“Think Neddy, Think! What would Aurora do?” Neddy pondered to himself, “What would that nerdy emo brat do?”

Neddy opened his eyes, and with sudden realization knew what he needed to do.

“Wait a moment… This beam of light…” Neddy gasped, “What if Aurora and Samuel come here to investigate?!”

“Oh my gosh you’re such a genius!” Ruby laughed as she slugged his shoulder.

“Wooo hooo! I thought of something smart!” Neddy cheered as he pumped his fists in the air. Ruby let out a sigh, taking a seat on the grass. She took out the slabs of meat from their hunt earlier, and turned to Neddy with a gentle smile.

“Neddy, can you help me gather some firewood and thatch? Let’s start a fire and cook some meat.”

Neddy displayed a big grin and gave a thumbs up.

“It’s my pleasure. I’m craving some meat too. I’ve always wondered what dinosaur meat tastes like.”

Ruby reached for her pouch and took out a few random materials, and after mashing them together and doing other shenanigans, a crude stone pickaxe and hatchet spawned in her hands. Neddy walked forward, and Ruby gave both tools to him.

“Here. You can use it to chop away at the trees,” Ruby said.

“Got it, captain.”

Neddy walked off and began to hack away at the trees of the forest, and Ruby smiled to herself as she began to set up some rocks into a circle.

“That silly Neddy,” Ruby thought with a smile, “Always having to make me smile like that.”

The more Ruby thought about it, the more at peace she felt. Aurora was a good leader, yes, but surviving on this island felt more stressful with her than without.

“And that Samuel guy… Ugh, what a freak. Such emotionless eyes, and his weird dodo pet is always giving Aurora that weird look. Almost as if she’s a human. What a weirdo pair,” Ruby thought, cringing at the thought.

But as Ruby continued to ponder, the bushes behind her began to rustle ever so faintly…

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