The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 57: Camouflage

Part 1/2

“Find that ‘spy’, he has to have landed around this area,” a deep voice boomed across the jungle. Chris reflectively backed up against a tree, gritting his teeth gripping the trunk as hard as he could.

“Dang it, this isn’t good!” Chris told himself, “They know I’m here… Even with my power will they be able to spot me?”

The bushes and leaves beyond the treeline began to rustle, and three scouts emerged from the shadows. Each one wore cloth clothes like Chris and wielded primitive spears and bows. Chris gulped as the scouts approached him.

“Are you sure? What if he died in the fall?” one of them asked.

“Impossible,” the other scout replied, “We would have found his corpse along with that dead Pteranodon. He is still alive, somewhere in this jungle. He couldn’t have made it far.”

One of the scouts, who had stayed quiet the whole time, glanced over at Chris’ location. Chris’ eyes widened as the quiet scout approached him. She had black hair that was tied up into two buns, and bags under her eyes.

“Hmm,” she muttered under her breath, staring into Chris’ eyes. Chris shut his eyes, holding his breath in. His heart began to beat, his lungs gasping and demanding relief. Even when he was invisible, he couldn't move a single muscle.

“Patricia? What da hell are ya doin’ starin’ at that tree?” the other scout sneered.

“Nothing. I thought I spotted something, Jake,” Patricia the scout replied back quietly. The scout with the deep voice stomped his foot into the dirt.

“Damn it Patricia you aren’t doing us any favors with your senseless staring!” he bellowed.

“S-Sorry, Nate,” Patricia said in a soft whisper. Nate sighed and brushed his long, black hair. He walked up to Patricia, held his hand back, and Patricia flinched.

“I can’t hear you. You need to speak up,” Nate declared with rageful eyes.

“SORRY, Nate,” she responded back with sharpness. Jake slapped her in the face, and she fell on one knee.

“Don’t give him that attitude, you hear me?” Jake replied. Patricia gritted her teeth and grasped her cheek. It began to turn a red, leaving a seering mark. Nate kicked at her with a boot, clenched fists and hateful eyes.

“That’s damn right. You’re lucky we didn’t kill you when we found you washed up on that beach. You should be more grateful, brat,” Nate said, “Now I want you to apologize to us both. And don’t even think about giving me that crass.”

Patricia grumbled, and Jake took offense, lifting his boot up and slamming it into her back, causing her to fall to the ground. She let out a grunt, and Chris’ heart began to hammer. Seething, Chris couldn’t help but feel conflicted. Should he help, or should he stay put and let them pass?

“I warned you, now, APOLOGIZE,” Jake growled. Patricia began to tremble, and slowly but surely, Chris inched his way around them, making his way behind Jake and Nate, before finally he shimmered back into vision.


Jake’s ears perked up.

“What was that noise-”

Chris wrapped his fingers around Jake’s throat, putting him in a chokehold. Jake dropped his spear, gagging and gasping for air. He pounded his fists into Chris’ arms, but he wouldn’t budge. He felt bruises growing along his limbs but he didn’t care. Nate quickly turned around.

“Why you-”

Nate moved his spear back and tried stabbing at Chris, but Chris lifted Jake up, and it ended up piercing him in the face. Chris dropped Jake and he collapsed to the ground, blood pouring out onto the sullen grass. Nate glared and clenched his fists. He was furious.


Patricia tried getting up from the ground, but Nate slammed his foot into her again.

“Stay down. You’re just going to get yourself killed,” Nate ordered her. Nate looked back at Chris, but not before a blow was delivered to his jaw. Nate groaned and clutched his chin, and then he rushed in and delivered a knee to the weak spot. Nate let out another howl of pain, falling to both of his knees.

Chris looked at Patricia and nodded his head.


Chris quickly made a bolt out of the woods, not daring to look back in fear that the scout named Nate would be right behind him.

As the trees began to fade away, he was met with the everlasting Sun, a blinding light filled his eyes. He shielded his face with his right hand, but as he felt sand under his feet, he then felt the barrel of a gun to his temple.

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