Fire of the battle chap 2

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Fire of the battle chap 2

Flare woke up in some kind of facility she looked around she was in a small room with a pond with lots of different fish you name it it was in there "I better get out of here" she started looking for a way out when she found a vent (a little reference to among us) she was about to climb in when a human came in it held out a peace of fish but flare wasn't interested "bye bye human" she jumped in the vent and crawled since she was small it was easy to find her way out but she made a pitstop for a little friend "pyro hello were are you" "SSHHH you're being really loud" a mysterious voice said whispering "pyro I found you" "ya ya let's go get my daughters friends and my son all this acting is hurting my acting skills oh and how is my egg" "not really an egg any more its been three months since she hatched" "what three months" "ya" "I didn't know how much time has passed" my phones almost dead so I have to stop right here LOOK FOR CHAP 2 PART 2 ok

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