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It was the second day on The Center.

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It was the second day on The Center. I returned to the base to grab Otscar. I got onto my argentavis. I was flying across to the red woods. Red woods is hell 😭! I landed and went looking for a female otter. I couldn't find any, then suddenly, a baryonyx stunned me. I dropped Otscar, he was trying to kill the baryonyx. Unfortunately, he died. He was eaten in front of me. I was able to hop onto my argentavis and quickly fly away. I was sad 😭. Otscar, he was dead! He saved my life. Rest In Piece Otscar. I'm making paintings about him and putting him on my wall at base. 😭 Otscar. He was an: 😇. 🙁#RIPOtscar 😭 Thank you all so much for reading the worstest thing that happened to my Ark life.



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