Hey, Mala here.

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Hey, Mala here. I am mostly known as wyvernsbreath. I am writing about the story of my lovely pig's death. He was like my best friend. I got him for free when I joined a server. He was only a baby. Life was easier with him. You see.. Me and Hooves were heading to my 'friend's' base. She was giving me a free Griffin. I didn't want it but.. Whatever. I walked into her base. She wasn't there. I was very nervous too. Her dinosaurs weren't there. Her boxes were empty. I thought she might have moved bases. Which..she did. Then a strange guy on a giga walked over to me and said: "Hey wyvern, look at the new giga I tamed." I replied: "Cool, very nice colors." He replied: "Yea, and it also has a melee mutation, so I'm gonna try it on you" I was confused. Then he attacked me. I ran away but he killed my pig and me. He said "Omg sorry lol" In chat. I was so upset

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