Professor Snitch, the manager of the Karen Cages.

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Professor Snitch, the manager of the Karen Cages. Karen Cages is the base with cages filled with karens. Barbie The Trex and her boyfriend Mohawk Boy were the first karens there! They died a day later. Two of the baby rexes in the hatching room died. Unfortunately, the caretaker forgot to give the two babys meat. They weren't fired for some reason. There is Ottasaur. The little otter who sits on a chair and watches the babys. One of the eggs is about to hatch. We are on the map of The Center. Jerboas don't spawn there? I totally didn't use commands to get him. We have turrets to shoot the untamed boomers. Once a car now Boomer came after my house! It broke the walls. I heard shooting outside. I rushed outside to see a dead car now. Oh and Mohawk Boy, about him... He's so ugly! We are looking for a new caretaker too.

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