The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 56: Change of Plans

Part 1/2

“Ha, that’s right!” the lady said with a pointed finger. Samuel spotted an implant on her left wrist. It remained dull and inactive at the moment. Andres waved at her again.

“Come on inside, the brew’s finished!”

Tiffany made her way inside the house, carrying satchels along with her. As she reached the dining table she dumped them on the table, and berries began to pour out along with large portions of meat.

“Easy catch today. I spotted some weakened Terror Birds in the area. Something must have gotten to them, surprisingly,” Tiffany said. Samuel winced. Tiffany glanced at Samuel.

“How are you liking that brew?”

Samuel stared at it, and shrugged.

“It tastes alright.”

Andres grinned, giving him a thumbs up.

“My brew always tastes delicious, Samuel!”

Tiffany’s eyes sparkled at his name.

“Samuel, huh? So… who are your friends’ names?”

Samuel looked around, and Tiffany laughed.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you found me all by yourself? How’d you find us? It was probably through the Book Club, huh? Is Skyler with you? I’d be surprised. She’s not one to go out often. Maybe it’s Ben… Or perhaps Gary?”

“No. None of them. While they were… helpful, Skyler took charge when you were gone. She was a bit misguided and out there. Me and MY team couldn’t really rely on that, so we decided to find you on our own without them. We’re much better off without them,” Samuel revealed. Tiffany laughed, grabbing a glass and pouring herself some brew of her own.

“Of course, of course, I was expecting you heroes for a while now. It won’t all be those bookworms now will it?” Tiffany said, taking a sip of brew, “I prepared another chair for you, the leader of your team. Let’s negotiate.

She glanced over at the book on the counter, and so did Samuel. The book lay idle there.

“You must be here for the book. Well I’ll certainly give you the knowledge. I don’t think you’d be able to understand it anyway, no matter how smart you are,” Tiffany explained, “But, you must be wondering why I need you and your team, right?”

Samuel nodded.

“Yes, it seems you two are perfectly capable on your own.”

Tiffany leaned back in her chair, putting her hands behind her head.

“Well, escaping this place is going to be a lot harder even with that book on my side. And even with Andres and I’s implant attributes. We need someone smart enough to help us all escape…”

She turned to Samuel.

“That’s why I’m counting on you, Samuel. And you need me because I’m the only one with a copy of this book around.”

Samuel smiled softly. It was a surefire deal that he couldn’t miss. He held his hand out.

“Deal. I will help us all escape, and in return you will help us out with your knowledge and strength.”

Tiffany held her hand out, but didn’t shake Samuel’s hand yet.

“There’s just one more thing, Samuel,” Tiffany added on, “I don’t know what type of person you are. I’m assuming you’re a good person, but… I don’t want just me to escape. I want EVERYONE who was sent to this island to. No one else deserves to die here.”

Now Samuel was reluctant. Could he really do that? Not only would that hold him and the others back, but it would be a gamble too considering the population.

“What if most of the other surviving graduates were like that small gang?” Samuel asked himself, “And, do I really need to do that? Who… cares about other people anyway?”

But, through it all, Samuel figured he’d find a way around it at some point.

Samuel grabbed onto Tiffany’s hand and shook it.

“I accept your offer. We hereby and officially team up from now on.”

“Good, good,” Tiffany said with a soft smile. Andres slammed his fists into the table with glee.

“Woo hoooo a new friend!” Andres cheered with delight. Samuel looked at Andres and gave a small smile. Tiffany began to laugh. She patted Andres on the arm.

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