Get 250 tranq arrow and 3 crossbow I recommend using Lazarus chowder too. Go deep down with any aquatic mount except for basilo because it takes damage in deep area in ocean. Next find a mosa recommend taming low level it is faster to tame. Next when you find a mosa shoot it with tranq arrow it will take maybe 126 shots on mosa. When it's knocked out maintaine its torpor with bio toxin or narc. The kibble for mosa is the extordanary kibble. The egg are extra large egg for the extordanary kibble. Also cooked prime meat can go effectively to 6%. However Raw meat will take half as long. You would need 450 narc for the mosasaur. Put the food of your choice and narc or bio toxin in it inventory. Maintaine it's torpor so it doesn't wake up until its tamed. If this was helpful please like on it. The ability of the mosasaur is a powerful bite. The fact about the mosa is its bite is more powerful than the rex. Their saddle can be learned a level 78 and crafted in Smith with hide fiber and metal ingots. That's all I got for today thank you for reading and have your self a very amazing day!

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