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(MOBILE) Want an easy, very risk free and extremely fast way of knocking out one?

(I assume you said yes).

1. Get a speedy water mount, preferably a ichthy

2. Find your desired mosasaur

3. Find nearby ammonites.

4. Trigger ammonite rage

5. Get the mosasaur aggro’d on to you

6. Lead the mosasaur to shore, when you have rage, mosasaurs completely ignore their depth limits. If rage runs out, get rage again and continue from where you left off.

7. Once the mosasaur is near shore and very high up, essentially next the beach, lose your aggro on it by waiting for the rage to run out. Just make sure the mosasaur doesn’t leave the beach area.

8. The mosasaur is now stuck there, he cannot attack nor move because his pathfinding is broken and he cannot calculate where to go.

9. Knock out and tame your mosasaurus, should be hard to do either because you’re at the beach and the mosasaur can’t move.

10. Up this strategy because it’s easy and effective.

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