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TIPP: Easy Taming

The Mosasaurus is a deepsea creature, that means you can easily knock him out with this Trick. (you should use a basilosaurus because of his health and the immunity effects)

1) Swimm down to the deepsea

2) Let the Mosa follow you up

3) If you swimm high enought he will stop chasing you

4) When he Stops chasing you, just shoot at him with tranqs (the higher your Crossbow damage the faster he gets knocked)

5) Repeat the first steps if he swimms too far away from you

6) knock him out and feed him some Quetzal Kibbel

7) Enjoy your Aquatic Giant

BONUS TIPP: He spawn around the carno Island and i would recommend to not go too far from your basilosaurus while shooting the Mosa Because you are f*cked if some eals appear and you cant mount your Basilo to kill them (He is immune to the Shocking effect)

~Madara Uchiha

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