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How to tame a Mosa!

8/10 Difficulty

First, let’s prepare!

Things Needed: Crossbow (Tranq arrow) or harpoon launcher (Tranq harpoon), trap materials (If using trapping method), itchy or tusotuethis (Depending on KO method), LOTS of narcotics or biotoxin (You can get biotoxin from the jellyfish when you knock it out so you don’t need to bring some immediately.

4 Methods

Method 1 - Trapping

Trap materials: 6x behemoth stone gateway, 2x behemoth gate.

Place the 6 gateways in a line somewhat far apart, make sure a Megalodon can fit through the gap. Then place the gates on each end of the trap, leaving one gate open and the other closed.

Recommended mount: Itchy as they are fast, but I would recommend putting points into health and speed

Find the mosa and get it to aggro on you. Now make it follow you into the open gateway in the trap. Swim out one of the gaps in the gates and then quickly close the open door.

Now shoot it with your tranq ammo of choice (Crossbow, Harpoon Launcher) until it’s kncked out.

Method 2 - Safari Style 1

Recommended mount: Itchy as you can shoot while riding it. Still put points into health and speed.

Find mosa and swim around it, following behind it while shooting it so you don’t get attacked. Repeat until KO’d.

Method 3 - Safari Style 2

Recommended mount: Itchy as you can shoot while riding it. Still put points into health and speed.

Shoot the mosa a couple times to aggro then swim up to the depth limit that the mosa can go. It can only swim up to a certain height until it starts to swim back down. While it swims back down shoot it until out of range then repeat until knocked out.

Method 4 - Tuso

Recommended mount: Tuso

Grab mosa with Tuso then dismount and shoot it. The Tuso will deal torpor with its ability while you shoot until it’s knocked out.


The mosa is the Giga of the sea. It’s is very powerful and can be equipped with a platform saddle. If it goes above a certain depth it will start taking damage.

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