You will see people here recommend a total of 20 dinos which is max, I don't, we all know ark's ark, and the boss glitches that comes with it.

I usually take 9-14 Spinos or rexes (depending on how good saddles I've got, spinos can do multiple hits at once, which makes the the best to take out his army of tiny moneys all over the place, anyway, and bring 1 yuty, making it a total of 10-15 dinos, it takes stress off the game, making it less likely that a glitch will occur, when starting don't mount til you're inside the battlefield, and stand still on the ground when timer hits 0.

All dinos should at minimum be lvl 150 wild perfect tamed dinos, if they got mutations, good, but not necessary, saddles are the most important thing.

Stats, I would say, 50-80k health, rest of points into melee, yuty should have 4k stam, 20k health, some weight sence you'll be riding it, rest into melee.

Enjoy the tek engrams.

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