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For this fight, you will need 19 rexes and one yutyrannus. Portal is situated at the Blue Obelisk Terminal

Artifact of the Brute: 530010

Basiliosaurus and scuba gear needed.

Follow the path to the left every turn, till you end up in a big water chamber with the artifact in the middle

Artifact of the Pack: 685560

Crossbow, grappling hooks, bug repellent, weapons (best place to find megalanias)

Stick to the left every time in the cave, until you approach a small drop with xp book at it. Always stick to the right after that.

Artifact of the Devourer: 140863

Tamed Barryonx, possibly scuba gear, weapons

Follow the path, until you have to go underwater. Swim to the left in the water, then to the right. You will then be led to a massive ravine cavern, with glowing blue crystals on the walls. The artifact is right below you on the very bottom floor. You literally cannot miss it because it is glowing a bright purple.

5 Tribute Items:

Spino sail

Therizino claws

Megalania toxin

Megalodon tooth

Thylacoleo hook claws

Once at the arena, BE CAREFULL AS HELL THAT YOU AND YOUR TAMES DO NOT, NOT, NOT FALL INTO THE HOLE AT THE RIGHT. YOU AND YOUR TAMES WILL DIE IF THEY FALL IN, OR YOU DO.  Quicky get all your dinos in the fighting arena, as the boss has knock back damage. Fight at beta difficulty.

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