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Easy to tame and can be found at the 55 75 area of lost island. They’re the fastest way to travel, have a decent carry weight and can also be used to harvest berries/fiber/silk/flower/mushrooms. They have a good jump, a fast glide, they don’t have an oxygen bar and they’re awesome swimmers. Using a bite attack in combination with the “belly flop” will cause an area attack that harvests all the bushes immediately around you for super quick farming. Use a harpoon and net to trap and tranq, then look for the Ovis that spawns in all the same areas and feed it the mutton. They act as a feeding trough for any dinos that aren’t fully matured, and have a greater feeding range after leveling nursing ability. The maewing also helps stretch your food as the babies don’t consume as much as if they were feeding from a normal trough. Their saddle can hold up to 4 maturing passengers all the way until they are fully matured (which saves tons of space when raising rex’s in a small base). Their third “attack” picks up any babies close by, including enemy babies which claims them as your own. They lay different quality of eggs that can make different kibbles. Though they can’t pick up any ocean dinos or nurse underwater, they can still act as a trough as long as it’s standing on land and the baby is in feeding range. Add a stack of preserving salt and slot cap the maewing with cooked meat or the type of food your babies require before logging off for peace of mind that they’ll be fine for more than 8 hrs

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