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There’s a reason to why these can glide better than rock drakes. I’m an expert on squirrels myself and know Flying squirrels irl live in North America mainly and can glide 150 feet to even 500. They don’t fly, they glide. They glide by using the flaps of skin stretching between their legs and hands to catch the air. The flaps of skin are called Patagium. They use their tail to be a rudder to steer in the air to escape predators and have large eyes to see at night as they are nocturnal. Also, a prehistoric Flying squirrel named Maio patagium is a spitting image of a flying squirrel we have today. As both sail through the sky’s one in the Jurassic and one in the night of North America. Also, I believe a rock drake would be heavier than a flying squirrel. Anyways I didn’t just now search this up. I know TONS about squirrels and dinosaurs. Hehe not to brag or anything! So to you surprised about maewings flying better, id say it’s because of the reasons above. Ok that’s your daily brain pop! Phew sorry bout my info spree. I like squirrels and dinosaurs. “WE GET IT!”


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