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When taming these, tame high levels because you want a high weight stat so they can carry more berries or meat, then level all points into "nursing effectiveness" which extends the range of how far the "trough" effect will reach. BEFORE putting babies in their care, turn on "enable nursing or baby feeding trough" it's in the radial wheel and IS NOT enabled automatically. Then make sure the trough icon appears above the baby's name. Fill the maewing's inventory with appropriate baby food as you would fill a normal trough for the baby (meat for meat eaters, berries for berry eaters, Wyvern milk for Wyverns, ambergris for Magmasaurs, etc) because the code makes the maewing itself act as a trough for the baby so fill it like a trough.

When mating maewings together, both act as female and drop eggs from each other. The mating cool down timer only means it won't drop another egg until the timer runs out, but that maewing can still act as a male and breed with other maewings that are ready to mate. The maewing that no longer has the cool down timer will drop an egg.

It's tricky to breed them all at once in a large group because they will all automatically breed to each other randomly. You must pair them up together alone to guarantee a 50/50 chance at a certain stat if you are breeding for stats.

Pro tip: pre fill the maewing with baby's food and enable nursing on it and take the maewing up to the egg incubator. When you hatch your eggs, imprint them and then use the maewing to scoop them up into the baskets for easy transport.

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