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Flying Tips for PC:

Hold space bar for a second or two to pop into the air at max height then shift to glide.

Angling your camera up will put on the โ€œbreaksโ€ in air and start to slow you down.

Holding shift when landing will slide you along the ground. holding down space bar with shift during this slide to pop up again will make you go even higher and faster. Great way to climb walls and mountains.

Angling your camera towards the ground will tuck in the maewingโ€™s wings and kind of look like a dive bomb. Do this before landing on the ground while still holding shift. once you hit the ground youโ€™ll start sliding, press space bar down for a few seconds and release quickly for an even larger boosted jump in the air.

Continue to hold the space bar+shift down to slow you down completely.

Let go of shift when landing you will stop immediately and not slide.

Right mouse button when gliding is for a parachute mode. Great for scouting an area and resume gliding!

Landing can do damage, the sliding does damage, so be careful when coming in fast near dinos you are taming.

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