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How to tame a maewing; 2 easy methods

1st method (the one I used):

First of all, the items you'll need are:

-6-8 wooden billboards to prevent the maewing from walking away. (Optional)

-1 large bear trap

-some berries

-bow/crossbow with tranq arrows (unless maewing is high lvl. In that case, use a longneck)

Then, you'll want to find a maewing and prepare to trap it.

The billboards are optional, you can wait for it to walk in a bear trap by itself, but it will be harder. Now, assuming you will use billboards: the AI of a wild maewing is fairly stupid, we can take advantage of this. It has a walking cycle where is walks a little, stops, walks a little, stops, over and over and over. So what you want to do is start placing billboards, beginning with one right in front of its face, right at the end of its walk, but before it stops (because it will walk out if you do it too late or too early). When it is trapped in billboards, DO NOT SHOOT IT! You might want to clear the area of creatures to make sure nothing walks in the bear trap, but you'll want to place your bear trap and wait for the maewing to step in. Then, immediately shoot it like your life depends on it. Well, actually, it'll probably only take a couple shots. Feed it berries and enjoy! If you don't use this method, it will fly away VERY fast! When I first tried to hit it with tranqs arrows, I didn't use a trap. It flew away, and I chased it for 20 minutes. I failed.

The 2nd method for maewing taming:


-4 foundations of any type

-6 doorframes of any type

-2 ramps of any type

-4 ceilings of any type

-2 walls of any type

-1 rare flower


-bow/crossbow with tranq arrows (unless maewing is high lvl. In that case, use a longneck)

How to prep:

Build a 2x2 of thatch foundations (or another type), have 3 of the sides be door frames so you can walk out, and the 4th side be walls with ramps. Eat a rare flower and make a maewing chase you, let it follow you into the trap, go out through the doors and place ceilings on top of the trap. Shoot the maewing until it falls unconscious. Feed it berries

I am not 100% sure if this method will work, but I will test it. I haven't personally used it yet

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps

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