The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 18: Forever Promise

Part 1/2

“Whew, and that’s the last log finished!” Ruby let out a sigh as she clapped the dust off her hands. The raft was finally finished. What Samuel presumed to be just a thick blanket of logs tied together poorly with fiber had turned into something more. The platform raft was very sturdy and could fit everyone on board two times over, and there was also a lever made of wood that could be used to steer the raft. The raft even had a sail so that the wind would be able to blow them in the way they wished to go.

“Did we really have to build this over-the-top raft just to cross the river?” Samuel asked.

“Well, I thought about it for a moment,” Ben explained, “And I’m thinking, no. We’re not just crossing the river. We’re trying to get to the Book Club camp. I know that if we continue traveling along the coast we should be able to reach a river. If we just travel across the river we’ll make it to the camp in no time!”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Neddy said with pursed lips, “I saw a shark in the water, what if the shark eats our boat?!”

“No sharks can eat our raft,” Aurora reassured Neddy, “Sharks are friendly unless they think we’re prey.”

“Yeah and we’re on this giant attackable vulnerable raft…” Neddy replied queasily, “Definitely not prey.”

“Don’t be so paranoid, you may as well jinx us because of it,” Ruby warned Neddy.

“Right, sorry,” Neddy replied with a frown, “There’s nothing to worry about, right?”

“Yeah. Nothing to worry about. Jinxes and bad luck don't exist anyway,” Samuel declared.

With that, everyone boarded the raft, and with Samuel as their captain, they set sail for the river that leads to the Book Club…

“Smooth sailing so far,” Samuel replied as he pulled the lever a few times. Neddy was sitting criss-cross-applesauce and was peering into the deep blue sea. He was trying his best to observe the sealife down below. For some reason, the ocean surrounding the Island was crystal clear. This allowed Neddy to observe the fauna more easily.

“Woah! Are those Ichthyosaurus?!” Neddy gasped as he pointed at a bunch of dolphin-like creatures. Ruby giggled and put her chin on her fist. She was sitting next to Neddy and had her legs in the water.

“Aren’t those just dolphins?” Ruby asked curiously.

“Well, they can’t just be dolphins, after all, we’re on a-”

“Dinosaur infested island!” they both shouted in unison. The both of them laughed and hollered as they cried tears of joy. Star, on the other hand, was taking a nap next to Samuel, while Samuel’s raptor looked out into the open seas ominously, with a blank stare and a deathly grin.

Aurora, who was far away from the others, and looking out at the departing footpaw, sighed heavily as she fiddled with a strange necklace that was made of gold.

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