The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 50.5: Revelation

Part 2/3

“Any text from him yet?” a lady with slightly aging hair asked. She had dark bags under her eyes, and was sitting at the dining table facing a man with a deep tan across his body. The man also had aging, gray hair, but he didn’t seem as tired or stressed as the lady.

“No, unfortunately,” the man replied, “He’s always been bad at texting back, but it’s been a week already. Something’s wrong. And I think you know it.”

“And what are we supposed to do now, huh Son?! Just up and go out and look for him? That doesn’t make any sense!”

“Don’t worry T. You know we’re going to figure it out soon enough. He isn’t the only one who’s disappeared. Hundreds of reports have been made to the police about the disappearances. Something big is going on.”

“Brother, do you think the police will even bother doing something about this?”

Son narrowed his eyes at his sister and frowned.

“Tracy, we aren’t in the West. We’re in the United Republic of Democracies. There’s a reason we moved here besides just the cost of living. This mansion we live in also comes with little to no corruption and a different system of how universities work compared to the West,” Son reminded her, “Remember what people said about this place? No longer would we have to spend hundreds of thousands for the boys to enter college- it’s all based on your grades. Get good grades, get into college. And your chances wouldn’t get thwarted just because they need diversity-”

Just then, a boy the age of 13 walked into the room. He had a bit of face fat and was a bit chubby, but he still seemed to be outgrowing Tracy and Son in height. He had Tracy’s brown eyes.


Son turned to the boy.

“I’m kind of in the middle of something Franklin,” Son said with a tinge of annoyance.

“It’s important. Trust me. It might give a lead on…”

Son groaned and got up from his seat, his knees stiff. He walked downstairs to the living room, and Tracy followed. There, the TV was on, and the President of the United Republic of Democracies himself was standing there in his suit with his secret agents by his side.

Each secret agent had their own respective color for their suit. Franklin thought they looked like the Power Rangers when they first moved to the URD… but nowadays there was no more time for joking around.

“Dear citizens of the United Republic, I come to inform you of something absolutely tragic,” the President announced with a booming voice, “The seniors of Terran High, who were just about to graduate…”

“Have mysteriously disappeared approximately a week ago.”

Son narrowed his eyes.

The picture shifted to a picture of the night sky.

“After reports from the National Space Institution, they detected a new star that has appeared in the night sky, one that fades colors of green, blue, and then red at a time. It’s none we’ve ever seen before, so using our telescope…”

The picture shifted again to a strange island, but there was something different about this island… a few miles off the sea the sea was immediately cut off by a mysterious barrier. A forcefield, even. Hovering over the island were three giant, metal towers, each one glowing red, blue, and green. Connected to the bottom of the strange island was a strange, unknown metal that connected to an overarching station. It was out of this world, literally!

Son’s eyes widened.

“Wait, that’s-”

The President continued to speak.

“We aren’t too sure what this is, but it seems to be the most likely place the scholars were transported. It’s almost like a lifeboat of sorts. We don’t know why they’re there, but we’re looking into it, rest assured.”

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