The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 50.5: Revelation

Part 1/3

Tap tap tap tap tap.

The President’s office was still as organized and neat as ever. He was holding onto a bag of popcorn and threw a piece into his mouth, chewing it on it loudly. Laid in front of him was a flickering hologram. He watched with eagerness, his eyes wide open and his leg bouncing on the quartz floor. A boy with green eyes was in a struggle against his mentor, the principal of Terran High.

“What’s going to happen next?!” the President asked himself.

With a sudden jolt, the green-eyed boy pulled back with the principal’s own pike, and stabbed him right in the heart. Tears fell from the boy’s eyes as he did. The President let out a gasp and nearly jumped out of his seat, his eyes bulging out.

“WOAHHHHH!” he screamed in honest surprise, “That has NEVER happened before! I have gotta put this in my story, I’ve gotta!”

The President put the bag of popcorn down and took out a notepad, jotting down his thoughts with a pen, occasionally glancing up at the screen as he did so.

The door to his office swung open, and standing at the doorway was Agent Lamprey. His light blue suit seemed to be fading of its color, and his shades reflected what little light came from the sunroof. Lamprey tipped his glasses, bowing. The President looked up and raised his eyebrow.

“What are you doing here?”

“Giving you the weekly report, as you asked me to do yesterday,” Agent Lamprey reminded him. The President blinked his eyes, and rubbed them.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I was just… watching someone on the ARK,” the President excused himself, “Y’know I didn’t expect there to be so much fun. Adding that rule was a great idea on your part, that rule, what was it called? Kill or Be Killed? It’s opened up so much opportunity for my story!”

The President rose from his seat and put his arms in the air, his eyes filled with ecstasy.

“I can feel the creativity surging within me! Untapped creativity I’ve not experienced since the old days!”

Agent Lamprey looked at him concerningly.

“Um. Well, not too many have perished since our last report, only a dozen or so. But you may be surprised to hear the implant-less boy has survived up till’ now.”

“The implant-less boy… Samuel?”

“Yeah. Him.”

“Okay, so what?”

“Don’t you think it’s a good opportunity to watch his every move?” Agent Lamprey suggested, “It could give a lot of good ideas, if he managed to survive for so long without an implant…”

The President looked back and smiled.

“Hmm, you’re right. Not bad of an idea, Agent. No wonder why you’re my favorite.”

The President clicked a few buttons on his console, and the picture of the hologram flickered. Agent Lamprey showed no signs of happiness at the President’s compliment.

“D.T. Guy, remember what you told us about revealing to the world what was in the night sky?”

The President groaned and got up from his seat, brushing his suit clean of dust and crumbs.

“Ah yeah I almost forgot. Let’s go now to the studio. I think it’s about time we reveal why the graduates of Terran High have disappeared…”

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