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My tribe summoned and we flew our 35 gasbags above it. We then fired 35 grappling hooks thru it’s head and heaved it up. Slowly. All of our gasbags with 6000+ weight could barely move... we slowly carried it up, up, up... a grapple line snapped... we began to sink... 5 more gasbags flew in, and 5 more grapple line connected. We flew up, our gasbags were running out of oxygen. The sanctuary was a speck below us. We realeased the Titan, and plugged it with thousands of bullets. It was streaming purple blood, then it impacted the ground, leaving a massive crater. Stunned, we watched as it began to rise. Our gasbags passed out. As it readied it’s arm to crush us all, a massive sword pierced it’s corrupted heart. It fell. The mega Mek. We had won. We threw our gear on our unconscious gasbags. Then. We beat the game.

P.S. do not actually try this, you will lose and die.

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