Karen explores ark two

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Karen explores ark two

She spawned back in and made her hand into a fist, after what happened with the NON VEGAN giga she wanted to leave. She then screamed so loud that the ground started rumbling and creatures were being flung into the sky cause of the pressure. โ€œIM TELLING YOUR MANAGER!!!!โ€ A nearby raptor starting whimpering then hid out of fear. The scream was so loud that the giga had heard and promised never to come out of his den again and his wife, mrs. giga would have to take care of him for the rest of his days. She continued exploring and to her surprise, SAW A PIT-BULL (hyenadon) โ€œITS A PITBULL!โ€ She grabbed her pickaxe and ran at it, she then hit it in the back of the head rapidly until it was long dead. โ€œTHATS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD DO TO PITBULLS! THEIR DANGEROUS AND MURDEROUS!โ€ She was furious that such a โ€˜dangerousโ€™ dog existed. Then a hyenadon with a mustache appeared and said โ€œactually in a dog test for personality American pit bull terrier scored 2, just being beaten by Labrador retriever. Also they are the most abused dogs ever, being popular fighting dogs. So its more of things called human that are dangerous and murderous.โ€ She looked at him then said โ€œshut up domestic terrorist crap hole your an idiot.โ€ She then grabbed her pickaxe and threw it at his face and he died. Then a pack of hyenadon who were listening came in and ate her cause she was a stupid idiot who needs to stop being such of a Karen.

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