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"Whaaaaaa?" I said when I read that gacha eats objects instead of taming foods like tamingaatsfood or snsnailsnacks or even raw prime fish meat. "If I were to try to tame one, I'd have to pack a metal/thatch wall to feed it! How peculiar!" I said. I mean, seriously, I never saw a dinosaur or monster that ate STRUCTURES! I mean that literally! I mean, I'd rather eat narxoberry than pack thatch walls to feed a dinosaur! I went to wherever it was that gachas reside-and yes, I brought thatch walls and some metal armor. Either way, I got to it and it IMMEDIATELY got a handful of dirt and threw it at me like a chalicotherium does with sand! Okay, I built something out of the things that I packed. It was an amazingly strong thatch barricade. But I kept shooting it with tranq arrows until it was unconscious. I destroyed my barricade- or what was left of it because the gacha tried to eat it when it was conscious- and fed the residue to the fifty-foot tall wall-eating abomination and it soon woke up tamed, but another gacha was on top of the hill when I was in the battle-and-the-beast with the gacha. I look back to see that the hill gacha was now I'm-gonna-eat-you gacha. It lunged at me but my gacha thought he could handle it, but in the end nobody made it out of the gacha brawl. At least Tame:gacha pursuit was done and I learned a valuable lesson: never tame anything near a thing with an unusual diet. Just like 'never tame anything near a troodon'. (That story is about me taming a dilo named Dorothy. You can see her story in the troodon tips.) Once again, never tame anything near a thing with an unusual diet! Yay for valuable lessons! Yahoo!

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