Achatina are small snails that can produce lots of…

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Achatina are small snails that can produce lots of Cementing Paste while it is tamed and set on Wander. It will wander around and make the Pasty substance. Unfortunately, the Achatina can only be tamed with a couple of Sweet Vegetable Cake. There may be problems with the Achatina and how it consumes the Cake, even though the Cake is still the same. The amount of Cake that the snail requires to consume may vary depending on the level of it. Normally, it should only need to consume one or two Cakes, but you can press the 'Report Data Error' button if the Cake amount varies or is off by more than three. Achatina are normally picked on by Dilophosaurs and other small predators in the swamps. Achatina may have low Health and Speed, but they have a way to protect themselves: Achatina have the ability to curl up into its shell until it is either dead or rescued. The rest of the ARK creatures will have informational paragraphs soon.

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