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How to raise a good dung beetle remake

1. Locate the dung beetle. They are found in the chitin cave or the south cave on the island, at the edges of the map for where the death worms are for scorched earth, in the city for extinction, (sorry idk where they are on valgero or crystal isle), they are everywhere except for the green area in aberration

2. (Optional) locate is dossier for a good explanation on what it’s good for

3. Once you reach your new Friend. They might be surrounded by danger so kill of the other creatures or where bug repellent to slip buy

4. They can be tamed using feces, spoiled meat, and raw meat. Feces should be up to medium.

5 tip for low levels: tame low level dung beetle they take a long time to eat so the lower are the less food they need

6. Dont hit them or they will get mad and gore you with there horn, but they are slow

7. They eat spoiled meat not poop

8. They are a passive tame so just go up to them and feed them some food.

9. Tame more than 1 so your beetle doesn’t get lonely

10. Pick him up and hug him give him some love he is very important for food

11. They turn poop into fertilizer and/or oil if ur an American just by saying that you may already have 10.

12. Dispite that horn they aren’t very strong protect them or level them up to be stronger

13. If your interest is there utility role then just level up weight so they can carry more poop

Have fun with your new friend. Phew that was long

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