New player: Needs pelt. Checks dododex. Can't find sheep looking dino where suggested. Ok lets try the dire wolves instead. Builds boat and goes to snow area. After many failed attempts of trying to kill a dire wolf or mammoth dino decides to go back home. Sees a mammoth dino fighting a pack of wolves. Mammoth dino wins. Rushes to the spot and finally gets some pelt. Accidentally traps a dire wolf on boat not intentionall more of a glitch. Takes it home to herbivore island and trys taming it with a sling shot. After many trips of restocking stones. Manage to knock out dire wolf and tame it. Take dire wolf on boat to get revenge on all the dinos that bullied me. Some big whale dino knocks me off my boat rip. Try to retrace my steps can't find my boat or dire wolf. Tame flyer pt dino later on in a rescue attempt. No luck. Rip boat and dire wolf. Restarts the game from scratch.

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