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So I was on a parasaur hunt which my dilophosaurus poisie, and as soon as we saw one, she darted at it. We chased the parasaur for about two minutes before we came to a cliff. The parasaur jumped off. I new better then to follow it because even though it’s not a super long jump, the area at the bottom is wicked dangerous. Yet poisie followed. I didnt have enough time to tell her not to. So of course I had to follow her. We got to the bottom but the parasaur wasn’t to be found anywhere. I could see poisie however. She was swimming in front of me. We came to a small island in the middle of the river. We stoped to take a breath when all the sudden, out of the bushes comes a trio of dilos! I looked at poisie and commanded her to attack after a minute a dilo killed me. This brought me into great alarm because I had no idea which way to go to get her. Soon I got a notification saying that she killed a dilo. Even better, I got a notification saying that she had killed another one. She still had one more to get, but then I got a notification saying that she had been killed. ): Note: 1 UP = RIP for Poisie.

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