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Here’s some tips for my fellow noobs!

You will encounter these guys. It’s impossible to not see them at least once in the few days after you start the game. If you’re like me and want to avoid them, listen. I mean literally. They make a sort of chittering noise, very different from dodos. Listening to the world around me has saved my butt too many times.

If you want to fight one, wait until you have an axe and have upped your health and damage some. They’re easy kills if you sprint at em from behind and spam the axe. If you see them flash their frill, get to the side. When they flash the frill it means they’re going to spit.

Similar strategy for taming, but instead of an axe use a club. Toss some raw meat into their inventory and keep some narco berries on hand juuuust in case. They tame very quick.

At high levels they are amazing defenders and distractors, though I’d use carbonemys for distracting. They’re also very moveable thanks to their size.

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