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Okie dokie. First where is Moon? Secondly, that last chapter was dramatic, but semi-decent. But, now onto the next one!

The Tribe of Shadows

New Reagath Part Two: The Ranger

Many eyes dragged up to the wyverns. Raiders. And judging by their banners, Empire wyverns. Shockingly, three of the fire wyverns broke off and began attacking the other seven. On the walls, sentries rushed towards the nearest ballistae, ready to fire at either group. The banners of the first three dropped to show the symbol of a golden triceratops. They were of the Shadr Council, one of the only peaceful groups in Pyrrhia. Ballistae bolts whistled past, slamming into the Empire’s wyverns. The Shadr Council wyverns landed, bleeding heavily from attacks. The remaining sentries gathered pikes and rifles, prepared for a defense. I smiled lightly, as I had hoped that all would go well. Depressingly, I was most mistaken. The booming roar of a giganotosaurus echoed as one began attempting destroy the walls, distracting the remaining sentries. A wyvern landed, and on it was mounted a warrior in red TEK armor. The warrior rushed towards me, attempting to snatch me. I drew my sword, but had no reason to. A man in a strange camouflage cloak appeared behind the TEK armored warrior and stabbed them clean through the armor, a dagger splitting the metal like butter. “Hello, Dilath. It’s the author here, Ranger. Ya might wanna duck,” said the apparent “author”. I did so, and an bullet cut through the air where I was standing, and hit the green cloaked man. It went straight through him, as if he was a hologram. “As I just told you, my name’s Ranger. I’m here to make sure you don’t die. For the plot, of course. Now go on and fight. Wyverns on your six.” Ranger said, sounding bored. I turned around and saw a blast of fire heading straight toward me. Sidestepping it, I activated my TEK armor, launching me into the air. A full scale battle was raging around him, yet this Ranger person seemed unaffected. He then seemed to write on the air, spelling what I assume was “Chair”, as a chair appeared right behind him. Ranger sat, looking slightly annoyed. “Too much stress. College. Work. Thinking of what to write,” Ranger said quietly. “Dilath! Jump!” He yelled. I immediately jumped as a grenade was thrown toward me. “Thanks!” I yelled in reply. Ranger slightly smiled. “Perhaps…” he muttered. “Giga at your six!” I heard a sentry shout. I snapped back to reality, and Ranger disappeared. Spinning, I saw a giga with it’s mouth open. I threw a poison grenade in the giga’s mouth then activated a cryopod to release my red and black Gigantrex, Hunter. Climbing into the saddle, I motioned for the beast to run as a giga stormed behind us. The beast suddenly found itself full of ballista bolts. It fell to the ground, crushing several guards. Hunter let out a deafening roar as wyverns attempted to dive at us. I jumped up from the saddle onto one of the wyvern’s tail, climbed on and knocked the rider off into Hunter’s jaws. Grabbing hold of the reins, I made the beast attack the other Empire wyverns. At first I thought we were winning. Until I saw a Titanosaur. It stood at the gates, and then began to slam it’s front feet into the gate. The entire wall rumbled. “Oh sht. Boys, we’re probably screwed, but bring out the MEKs!” I saw Joseph seated on a Rex, shouting orders. I flew towards him. “Sorry bout earlier. I really messed up,” I said. Joseph snorted. “Ain’t that the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard. Anyways, get on a MEK, kid. We’ll need em to face a Titano,” Joseph replied. I dismounted, and heard a massive rumbling noise. A metal gate opened, and behind it was a team of three MEKs. “One for you, one for me, and one for General Quint,” Joseph proudly stated. “Quint’s alive? And a General!” I said, shocked. Joseph slightly laughed. “Of course the guy who was basically an older you would live,” he said. I nodded, and hopped into the MEK in the center, which had, unbeknownst to me then, a raptor symbol carved into the back. Coincidentally, as the three of us (General Quint had been walking behind us, silent.) the gates broke, killing the few living sentries beneath it. The wyverns were dead, Hunter was Enraged but badly injured, and all the sentries were dead. We were basically the last force of resistance. The thundering sound of MEKs walking was repeated thrice as we stepped forward, our MEK’s blades activated. The Titano slammed it’s foot down toward us, and a battle began.

I was writing this chapter and went “FOURTH WALL BREAK TIME!” and yeah. That is what I did. Hope everybody likes it.


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