The Killer Dodo Saga: Book 4: Redemption of The ARKs

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The Killer Dodo Saga: Book 4: Redemption of The ARKs

A Horror Story By: TheRaptorMan. (So, Drakken is basically just this really dark gray direwolf, though actually he’s a half-breed, the son of Fenris and Alix, a direwolf.) (Well, actually I had a direwolf named Alix, and she had cubs with another one of my direwolves, Fenris, but their lone surviving cub is named Drakken, so part of this is true.)

Chapter 1: The Devil’s Argentavis

Drakken POV

The odd thing about life is that one question no one can answer except The Creator: Why?

It all started with me, a direwolf-Fenris half breed. I didn’t look like my brothers and sister, they had a black stripe on their backs. Me? I’m entirely dark gray, like my father, Fenris. But my real mother: Night, died in childbirth, thank god my surrogate mother, or really more of my mother, Alix, gave us her leftover milk, from her own cubs, most of them had died from element poisoning. So now I’m here, still alive, yet I regret surviving, because some friggin prophecy says I choose whether the world is destroyed or not. No pressure, right? Well, back to the story. Then I heard the warning howl, a raid, probably those idiotic Survivors. They raid us, stealing our pack, disgustingly…taming them. Once I attacked one, and then it tried to shove this weird meat into my mouth, I spat it out, disgusted. That was rotting meat. Are these Survivors stupid? I was able to kill one, except I didn’t feel as proud as I thought I’d be. I felt…ashamed. Like I didn’t want to kill them. Then when the pack split up, I just left, became a rogue, an assassin, a bounty hunter. Except, I killed the Survivors that my fellow beasts wanted dead, like this one time, this one raptor wanted me to kill this guy. Jack? Was that his name? Yeah, it was. I killed him easy, his base was right up at Red Obelisk. I got sick of killing, and stopped, then I saw, flying above me, a trio of birds. One was an Argent, red and black, one, a pelagornis, and one, in the Argent’s claws: a dodo, pure black with a white beak. They landed near me, and the Argent said, smoothly and calmly: “Join us or be killed, Direwolf.” “No, I believe you’re the one whose dead body is about to become scraps for the dilos.” “You’ll regret saying that.” Said the pela. “Yes you will, mutt.” Said the Argent. Flicking out his claws, the Argent attacked…

Part 2 in Pelagornis.

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