The Tribe of Shadows

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The Tribe of Shadows

Chapter V

Part I

I walked through the caves, now comfortable with the surroundings. A creature, resembling a crossbred nameless and reaper, launched from the rocks. In half a second, I flicked out a wire that was surrounding my waist, whispering โ€œIโ€™m sorry,โ€ before slashing its head off. I felt bad for slaying the creature, it had only been cast out. By the Yurkin of my tribe. Blackmoon had been teaching me the past of my tribe, Torrus, my old Yurkin, had cast them out after creating them. Calling them the Wretched. I sighed. How had I not noticed his creations? Looping the garrote back around me, I saw a diliphododo, one of the edible Wretched. I didnโ€™t want to slay it, but I had to. I gave it a quick death. Before it noticed me, before it felt any pain, it died. I knew that I had noticed themโ€ฆ

I was hunting out in the forest at a young nine years old, but my father had been an amazing hunter, and my mother had sharper eyes than anyone I knew. I was born from hunters, and knew I was to be a hunter. While looking for dodos, I saw a creature, like a raptor, but with a carboemys shell. It dashed at me, but I had a forty foot head start. Making it to my village, I told my father what I had seen. He paled, and began to tell me a tale.


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