Aberrant deinonychus

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Aberrant deinonychus

Chapter six

I looked at the human who had just saved us, he was tall and his skin was tan-ish, but it was more light. He had ruffled black hair and green eyes.

“Well, do ya,” he asked.

Of course, Leo spoke first.

“Oh well, I’m Leo, and this is Ripper” he said, gesturing toward me.

“Why did you save us,” I asked.

“Well, you needed help, I need some shelter, and you guys have gotta have a den around here somewhere.”

Me and Leo talked on it privately for about thirty minutes, before finally coming to the conclusion that he could stay, as long as he pulled his weight and didn’t cause any problems.

“You can come with us, as long as you don’t free load, and also, try not to cause problems where non already exist,” I said.

“You got it,” he said.

When we were getting close to the den, the smell of fresh blood lingered in the air. I decided not to say anything, as it might have just been a predator eating a kill nearby. But when we got back to the den, it’s walls were smeared in thick, dark red blood. At the back of the cave, three Ravagers were fighting over some scraps of what used to be a creature.

“What on the Ark are those,” Carter asked.

“Ravagers,” Leo growled.

“Should I kill ‘em,” Carter asked.

Before Leo could answer, the three Ravagers all looked at us. They all lunged at us. Carter shot one in the face, killing it and spraying even more blood everywhere. I pounced at another, ripping into its stomach. Leo crushed the other one’s head. My Ravager was bleeding out on the ground. I decided to mercifully stab it in the eye with my sickle claw. Leo was looking somberly at the mutilated pile of flesh lying on the ground.

“She didn’t deserve to die,” Leo said.

“No, she didn’t,” I said.

“She will be missed dearly” Leo said, sadness lining his words.

“Guys, I’m right here,” said a voice from behind them.

I turned around, and sure enough, it was Berry.

To be continued

By Dragon

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