The redwood Allo

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The redwood Allo

Chapter eight

The mejoberry hit the cheek of the baby stego, waking it up. It blinked rapidly a few times and than lifted its head up. It let out a small, quiet grunt as it stood up to eat the berry and than walk toward the bush I was hiding in. It sniffed the bush as its head got closer to mine. And just than, I saw the perfect opportunity to strike. I lunged out of the bush and grabbed it. It let out a high pinch squeal that alerted the rest of the heard. They charged at me and I ran. I only stopped running about five minutes after I heard them stop. The baby was still alive and squeezing, so I threw it at rock outside of the hole in the ground that I was staying in. Its blood splattered on the rock. I picked it back up and carried it into the hole. When I looked at the foliage that the egg was under, it was shifted around. Then, a crack started forming on the shell. The egg quickly broke open, revealing a small, black baby Allo. She rolled out of the egg and landed on her stomach. Then, something in my brain clicked. This Allo looked almost just like my mother. The baby Allo laying out in front of me was my sister.

To be continued

By Dragon

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