The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 29: Crimson Crusader

Part 1/2

Clack. Clack. Clack.

An athletic, toned girl who was wearing a suit of red flak armor was walking down the stone hallways of a currently under construction castle. Boys and girls alike were hanging up red banners along massive stone pillars, each one with a design on it. A fire emblem that had two swords behind it, and one trident in the middle. It had colors of orange, red, and yellow in waves.

Eventually, the girl reached a large gate that was being guarded by a boy with a suit of grass-armor on. He carried a sword on his belt, and upon reaching him he bowed.

“Good evening, your highness,” the man bowed respectfully.


The man reached around and pulled a lever that was behind him, and the gate began to open, revealing a red carpet that led to a throne made of metal and wool. The girl smirked at the sight and sashayed up to the throne.

Upon reaching it, she let out a chuckle and sat on it, putting her hands on the armrests and putting one leg over the other like a queen.

Queen June was unlike anyone else on the ARK. When she had landed on the miserable dinosaur-filled beaches, instead of seeing the situation as a curse she saw it as a great opportunity. An opportunity to rule and be all-powerful as she desired. Here, on this island, everyone had an equal chance to reign supreme.

Back home, June never had that chance. Always being held back by the flaws of the system, always being held back by authority and always being held back by those who didn’t believe in her.

“But now things are different,” June said with a smile. She clenched her fist as she saw a scout wearing red cloth armor approach June.

“And if anyone dare oppose me, I’ll show them why I am called the Crimson Crusader.”

“Crimson Crusader?” the scout shouted, getting onto one knee.

“What is the report on the scouts?” June spat immediately, getting straight to business, “I had sent out two groups and I want progress on where the man is!”

“Ma’am, one of the groups never returned in time,” the scout nervously answered, “Alan, the newbie.”

“The giant?”

“Yeah, the giant.”

June clenched her fist and pounded it on her throne, making the scout jolt in shock.

“That damn brat. What a weakling!” June screamed in rage, “Can he not get anything done on his own?”

“Ma’am, it was a death wish asking him to go so far out where all the predators are!”

“You think I asked for your advice? NO! So shut up and tell me how the other group went!” June bellowed like the beast she was. The scout, wary of June’s undying frustration, knew not to provoke her anymore. Her power was too strong. The scout could be killed at any moment at the slightest sign of disloyalty. He needed to watch his words carefully.

“The- The other group did great,” the scout answered as honestly as he could, “We did manage to find some people. A group of four people were caught traveling throughout the plains. All men.”

“And did you catch them?”

The scout gulped.


“WHAT?! You KNOW I need information on where the man is!”

“Please, please don’t be angry!” the scout pleaded, “We managed to apprehend one of them. He was a strong one you see, he had a very strong power. He almost managed to kill us, but we were too strong for him. The others ended up getting away because of him.”

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