Overseer (Happy Groundhog Day!)

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Overseer (Happy Groundhog Day!)

Chapter 9

The Griffin seemed to worry a little but didn’t show. “You twerp, didn’t you realize you have a matter of minutes before you transform back?” Said the Griffin. Fuzzball was now panicking a little since he had little time before he transformed back. He had two options to either fight until he transformed back, or run. “I will still fight.” Fuzzball said angrily to the Griffin.” “You asked for it!” Shouted the Griffin as he launched toward Fuzzball with his claws. Fuzzball quickly dodged to the side and hit the Griffin back hardly. “You think you’re good?! You are just a weak little twerp that is unloved!” The Griffin shouted. That made Fuzzball a bit sad, was he really weak and unloved?

“I-I guess you’re right…” Fuzzball said meekly. But then what about his friends? Saving the world and returning home as a hero? And lastly his family? They did treated him a bit unfair but he wasn’t gonna let them down. “Heh heh. Looks like the games over!” The Griffin chuckled. Fuzzball quickly realized he was transforming back to his small size. He quickly knew what to do. Run. But it was too late, he was already cornered by big smooth rocks that he couldn’t climb.

“Why did you even fight, you are just a weak twerp.” The Griffin said as he edged closer to him. “RAAR!” A sudden roar came from behind the Griffin and the ground was starting to shake lightly.

By the time the Griffin turned back a huge large reddish Carno as far as Fuzzball can tell hit the Griffin hard on the side. “Come on.” Said the Carno as he bend down for Fuzzball. Fuzzball quickly acted and went on the Carnos back. “TOOM TOOM TOOM!” The Carno then sprinted away from the unconscious Griffin. “Where are you taking me and who are you?” Fuzzball asked the Carno. “Oh I’m sorry, my name is Carnage, and I’m taking you to somewhere…” The Carno then paused to hesitate. “.. somewhere that you don’t need to know.” Then the Carno just kept sprinting and looked forward. Fuzzball kept thinking what was happening at the Gigantipitchus Village. Was Scar ok? And did the vaccine or cure arrived? Those thoughts kept circling around Fuzzballs head. “Alright here we are, let’s go.” The Carno said.

When Fuzzball got off, there was a regular size door in the forest.“TRAN, OPEN UP.” The Carno shouted. The door then opened. “Sheesh Carnage, no need to scream.” Said the Carno that was named Tran. “Unless you get your hearings better..” Carnage muttered. Inside had huge lights and a sign called, “C.A.I.F.T” “Uh hey Carnage, what does C.A.I.F.T means?” Fuzzball asked. “You don’t need to know.” Carnage said. Fuzzball was getting suspicious of Carnage. That was when Fuzzball saw what it meant.

“ Carno.Agent.Invetigation.Foundation.Team”

- SandmasterXD

Note: Chapter 10 is almost out! Also this is based on a true story but not everything is true in the story.

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