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*Our first shoutout will be in the end of the story*

Chapter 5

Fuzzball was getting tired from all the walking and trying to avoid the corrupted by jumping tree by tree. Until an arrow flew in front of them. “FIND COVER!” Scar said with alert. Fuzzball wasted no time a quickly hid behind a broken down log. Thank goodness he was small. “OAHH AOH OAHAAH!” A monkey like noise which Fuzzball once heard came behind the log. Scar tapped on Fuzzball and gestured him to stay silent.

“OHAAA AHEO AHOAO!” Said another monkey. Suddenly there was a grunt and all of the monkeys which Fuzzball thought became quiet. “AHOO AEHOO OHAAAAHHHEE!” “Do you know what those are!?” Fuzzball whispered to Scar. But instead of Scar answering him or gesturing him to be silent she did the dumbest thing Fuzzball has ever seen somebody do. “AHEEOOO OHHAEEO OHAAAA!” Scar shouted. “What are you doing!? You don’t speak monkey language do you?” Fuzzball said with confusion and worry. “Relax, it’s fine.” Scar said.

“That’s very reassuring.” Fuzzball mocked. “AHEEO OEAH OHEAAA!” The monkeys replied back. “I’ll tell you everything later but we’re safe, come on.” Scar said as she started to come out of hiding. Fuzzball has no choice but to follow Scar’s lead. Fuzzball saw tons of Gorilla like creature that was like BIGGER monkeys. “Scar!” Said an elderly looking Gorilla. “Camo!” Scar said while excitedly rushing to the elderly Gorilla. Now Fuzzball was REALLY confused. “How have you’ve been sweetie?” The elderly Gorilla said. “Good, how ‘bout you?” Scar replied. “I’m good as well, thank you.” The elderly Gorilla said with a grin

“And I see you have brought a furry 4 armed friend haven’t you Scar?” Said the elderly Gorilla as he pointed at me. Everybody then realized I was here too. “Uh hi?” I said nervously. “Well hi my fellow friend.” Said the elderly Gorilla as he picked me up. “What’s your name?” He asked. “Fuzzball.” Fuzzball replied.”Ah, nice name you have there.” The elderly Gorilla said with a smile. “I’m Camo, nice to meet you.” Said Camo with a grin. “AHOEEO OAHAEO EEHAO ESHAO OEHEAEEO!” Camo shouted to the other Gorillas. They were also holding spears and shields and bows with arrow in it.

All the Gorillas understood what Camo said and quickly started to rush. “It’s almost night, so we gotta go back to the village.” Said Camo. “Ok.” Fuzzball replied.”Also may I please get off now?” Fuzzball said as he started to sweat for no reason in that moment. “Oh yea sure.” Camo said as he lifted Fuzzball and putted him down. “ They are fast so hang on me tight.” Said Scar. I climbed on Scars back and they went running and jumping so fast that Fuzzball couldn’t even move his head due to the force of the wind.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW CAMO THE GORILLA IN THE FIRST PLACE.” Fuzzball shouted to Scar. “FIRST OF ALL, HE IS AN ELDER GIGANPITHICUES.” “AND SECOND OF ALL HE AND HIS GUARDS SAVED ME FROM AN TERROR BIRD ATTACK WHEN I WAS YOUNGER.” Scar replied. “WELL WHAT ABOUT THE OVERSEER.” Fuzzball said, still remembering to bright the artifact of cure to the Overseer. “YOU’LL SEE HIM AT THE VILLAGE.” Scar shouted back. Fuzzball thought Scar was out of her mind. Speaking a Giganpitichus language and saying the Overseer is at their camp!? “Welp we’re here.” Scar said as we hovered to a stop in the villages gate entrance.

There were guards and archers watching the outside village. “OAHEEEO AOEHEOEE AHEEO!” A guard said and the gate opened. “I’ll teaching you Giganpithian one day, it’s our language.” Camo said as he leaned down to me. The village was full of busy people walking and talking and selling stuff. It was very noisy. “Hey uh Camo, we’re here to see the Overseer.” Said Scar. “Ah, the Overseer, he has been a little… werid since the well virus.” Camo said as he led us to the Overseers gate.”Well here he is.” Said Camo as he pointed at the gate. “Thanks Camo.” Scar said as she hugged Camo. “Bye!” Fuzzball said.

When Camo when into the open croud Scar and Fuzzball went inside the gate. “Well hello, Fuzzball. Long no see.”


So here’s the people that got a shoutout:

Hayden ( His lizard die right before the New Year’s Eve. One point = one RIP for his lizard)

Kyle (My best friend that always cheered me up and was the best friend, thank you Kyle.)

Nathin/Nathineal (My other best friend which me,Nathin,and Kyle started a group called the three amigos.Thanks for being my first friend Nathin)

Arron ( Thanks for being a supportive friend even when we do things that you don’t know. NOT BAD THINGS!!!)

Toby (The kid that always do things better than me even if I have an head start 🤣🤣)

Marshall (For being an good friend and also breaking the blue man group)


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