To:Moon, Ben, and SunnyFox57

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To:Moon, Ben, and SunnyFox57

From: SandmasterXD

First off all, thanks for cheering me up and making me encouraged! Now I don’t really care if I get downvoted.

Now to Moon,thanks for giving me an tip for getting my story interesting. In fact I love music and novel as well. So thanks for the tip. And I’m excited for chapter 96!

To Ben thanks for encouraging me into writing my story I will become become a good writer someday!

And lastly to SunnyFox thanks for encouraging me as well! I didn’t know you guys would reply, and I read yours,Ben’s,and moons story as well! Also the first chapter of Overseer will be in the Ferox section.

Thank you to everyone that read my story and mostly to Ben,SunnyFox and moon!

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