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I once tried to escape one by running…and……..well…let’s just say that I got killed…..I thought I heard someone or something say “HAHA B*TCH YOU CAN HIDE BUT CAN’T EVER RUN HAHAHA, AND YOU’RE ALSO A PUS*Y!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!” AND IT WAS A SINGLE-PLAYER SERVER!!!!! AND IM ALSO ONLY 11!!!!!!! I THINK IM GOING CRAZY BUT I HAD MY DAD IN THE NEXT ROOM FROM ME WICH USED TO BE MY BROTHERS ROOM!!!! AND MY DAD WAS NOT ON HIS X-BOX ONE THOUGH!!! AND HE ALWAYS CUSSES!!!!!!!!!! I know this is more of a story but it said that “there’s too many words” it’s just cuz it’s being stupid

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