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This is a long story an I hope you like it.Ok one day I saw the most amazing thing a ... well we will get to that after I explain. So once I was playing my single player game and I was riding my trike and I wanted to tame a raptor and the only place I could find one was a very dangerous place with Carnotaurus Therizinosaur and the most Dangerous thing in the game a........Beaver. Any way I got off my trike and saw no raptors but a carno was running at me so I ran Didn’t grab no shoes are nothing Jesus I ran for my life. So after that I Realized wait I can take on that... my trike is level 90 so I went back and I saw the most Amazing thing wait for it... it was a friken flying carno I was so Scared I was like what the heck the thing was flying like a Pteranodon it was awesome but after that I saw that there was a Therizinosaur. He must have killed it but I like to think that he Just got up one morning and said hey I want to fly. And that’s the story hope you liked it plz Click up if so.

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